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Arrival: Moving and Mesmerizing


It’s hard to catch up on on reading when there are so many wonderful movies out there. Between films and books, I tend to go where the gratification is faster. Though books are arguably more satisfying, there will be times that a brilliant film will come along and just blow you away.

Arrival is one of those films.

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Nocturnal Animals: Revenge Best Served Cold


Holy Sh*t.

This movie was hard to watch but I just couldn’t stop watching.

Nocturnal Animals is the film adaptation of the 1993 novel “Tony & Susan” written by Austin Wright. I didn’t know what the book was about  and was probably too young to care back then. While the stellar cast is reason enough to watch the film, it’s Tom Ford that made me want to watch it. This is just Ford’s second film (A Single Man, being his directorial debut), but he has shown a distinct filmmaking style, reminiscent of David Fincher, though much more deliberate and artsy. Nocturnal Animals is part art film, part thriller, and 100% provocative.

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