Welcome to your worst nightmare!

lecter2Welcome to your worst nightmare!

Oh yes! I’m blogging again. Just putting my crime-mystery-thriller face on.

Watch this space!

Ocean’s 8: What We Know So Far

I don’t care if critics say that Ocean’s 8 is an unnecessary spin-off.

You know what’s unnecessary? The Ghostbusters reboot.

This first official photo of the movie was released last month and it’s the epitome of Girl Power. Details are sparse, but here are some of the things we know so far.

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Nocturnal Animals: Revenge Best Served Cold


Holy Sh*t.

This movie was hard to watch but I just couldn’t stop watching.

Nocturnal Animals is the film adaptation of the 1993 novel “Tony & Susan” written by Austin Wright. I didn’t know what the book was about  and was probably too young to care back then. While the stellar cast is reason enough to watch the film, it’s Tom Ford that made me want to watch it. This is just Ford’s second film (A Single Man, being his directorial debut), but he has shown a distinct filmmaking style, reminiscent of David Fincher, though much more deliberate and artsy. Nocturnal Animals is part art film, part thriller, and 100% provocative.

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One-two Punch: The Girl Who…by Marnie Riches

I might be overdosing on titles that begin with “The Girl”. I expressed my disappointment at the film adaptation of The Girl on The Train here, and I just finished Robert Bryndza’s The Girl in the Ice, which I thought was intense. I’d like to say more, but I’m still catching my breath.

But before that, I indulged (or overindulged) in The Girl Who Walked in the Shadows and The Girl Who Had No Fear, both written by British crime author Marnie Riches. I figured The Girl titles will not be going away anytime soon, so I’ll just embrace it! Because why the hell not?

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The Girl on the Train: Unbelievably bad film adaptation



I didn’t read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins at the height of its popularity, but I’ve read it even before I found out it will be turned into a movie. And that’s all that matters to me. Because the film is so unbelievably bad. So please stop calling it this year’s “Gone Girl”. Not even close!

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The Verdict: The People vs. O J Simpson

Forget the one hot mess that was Batman V. Superman. Here’s the ultimate face-off that you should’ve have been watching:


I just couldn’t tear myself away from this show.

I was still a teenager when the events unfolded. It was all over the news and it divided the nation because the murder case became a racial issue. Unlike my family, I didn’t strictly follow the story then, but I know what one should know about the case. Two decades, later, the case seems to have been “re-opened” by way of a TV drama that’s just so explosive.

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Sorry, Leo. (The Martian Review)



Anyone who can make me sit for 2 hours and 14 minutes just to watch Matt Damon science the sh*t out of things is an absolute genius. GENIUS. So, to Ridley Scott and everyone involved in the filming of The Martian, you guys are incredibly fantastic.

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How To Get Away With Murder: Binge Watching


Finally caught up with How to Get Away With Murder by binge-watching the last 4 episodes. This is in preparation for the much awaited season 2 which will premiere on September 24.

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Book Review: The Girl Who Broke The Rules


The Girl Who Broke The Rules by Marnie Riches


When the mutilated bodies of two sex-workers are found in Amsterdam, Chief Inspector van den Bergen must find a brutal murderer before the red-light-district erupts into panic.

Georgina McKenzie is conducting research into pornography among the UK’s most violent sex-offenders but once van den Bergen calls on her criminology expertise, she is only too happy to come running.

The rising death toll forces George and van den Bergen to navigate the labyrinthine worlds of Soho strip-club sleaze and trans-national human trafficking. And with the case growing ever more complicated, George must walk the halls of Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, seeking advice from the brilliant serial murderer, Dr. Silas Holm…


This is the second book in the series. Not having read The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die may have contributed to my initial difficulty in getting into the story. But I plodded on and became immersed in a harrowing tale involving mutilated bodies, gruesome murders, and terrifying characters.

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A Bit of Love for True Detective Season 2


I am in the minority when I say that True Detective Season 2 (TD2) is far more entertaining than season 1. I can understand where the hate for TD2 is coming from. It’s coming from the fact that it isn’t season 1. Every damning review is a comparison to the first season, which has a completely different storyline and cast of characters. It’s as if TD2 didn’t do anything right.

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